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CA Inter -FM Eco EOB by CA Prashant Sarda

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CA Inte - Group 2-Combo by CA Jai Chawla , CA Prashant Sarda , CA Amit Tated

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CA inter - FM EFF by CA Prashant Sarda 1st June 2023

The CA Inter FM ECO online lecture is a Pen Drive/Google Drive video lecture by CA Prashant Sarda. It is divided in two sections, i.e., Financial Management and Economics for Finance and offers detailed explanations on both sections. It is the best FM ECO online lecture for students preparing for their CA Inter examination. What you’ll learn : The CA FM ECO Pen Drive and Google Drive class covers two modules of Financial Management which are in turn divided into 10 chapters. It covers 4 chapters of Economics for Finance from Determination of National Income to International Trade.
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Paper-2 - AFM By CA Prashant Sarda

LIVE STREAMING + BACKUP Start Date 24th August 2023 End Date 31st Jan 2024
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