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How to Revise CA Final Audit in 10 Days - Strategies for last minute preparation

When your CA Final examination attempt is close by, you might feel some apprehension regarding your preparations and have some self-doubts. But worry not, it is only natural to feel so and it shows that you have worked hard and care about your results. To some extent, anxiety can actually help bring out the best in all of us. 

In this post, you will learn about strategies for preparing for CA Final Audit in 10 days and some last-minute preparation tips which will help you ace your paper! Keep reading for all the important stuff:

  1. Focus on SAs

SAS is super important and covers a lot of marks in the CA Final Audit paper. Make sure you have a list of all the important SAs and revise them every day and practice writing them so that they get fixed in your mind. You cannot ignore SAs, so study them thoroughly.

  1. Focus on keywords

For last-minute preparation, it is essential that you focus on all the important keywords. You might not have the time to read the whole concept again and this is why writing down keywords and focusing on them while revising is extremely crucial. Knowing your keywords correctly can make all the difference in scoring good marks in the CA Final Audit exam

  1. Go through video lectures

One main convenience of CA online video lectures is that you can play them at the speed you like and listen to the selected module you want to. This can help when you are revising and do not have the time to read/practice the whole thing again.

You can also choose fast-track classes that cover all the important aspects of Audit in a shorter time. We have some excellent CA Final Audit Pendrive Classes which will help you give your best in CA Final exam. Check them out here

  1. RTPs (Revision Test Papers)

It is important that you go through RTPs. They give you an idea of expected questions and latest amendments along with their applicability. Spending a good amount of time with RTPs will help you tremendously in your preparation. 

  1. Find a balance and stick with it

CA Final Audit is a vast subject and there are numerous topics to cover. Now, it is obvious that while revising you will not be able to go through the whole 100% of the syllabus. You will be able to cover 80-90% of it and that is alright. Only focus on the important parts during the last-minute preparation and trust yourself. 

  1. Do not compare yourself with others and take care of your health 

During the last few days, you might look at others’ preparation tactics and get distracted. But try not to. Everyone has their own methods and you need to trust your own skills and preparation. Focus on saving your energy and stick with your strategies. 

Taking care of your health during your exams is as important as studying for them. Eat healthily, make sure you maintain a good sleep schedule and do some exercise to keep your body in shape. Don’t take unnecessary stress and trust in the process. You have made it here and you will surely succeed in your exams!

For a comfortable revision prior to exams, it is essential that you have our fundamentals right. And our CA Final Audit video lectures can help you with that. CA Amit Tated offers some of the best CA online lectures in the country and he is a renowned faculty for CA Final Audit. In his lectures, you will find detailed explanations made easy to understand and important tips for attempting the exams. Make sure to take a look at our online shop!

Those are all the tips we have for you. Take care and keep up the hard work. We wish you all the best in your CA Final Audit preparations!

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