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Self Study Tips to Score High Marks in CA Inter EIS-SM

CA Inter EIS-SM is an interesting and important subject in the CA Intermediate examination, which has the incorrect reputation of being boring and hard to learn. 

In this post, you will find tips on how to self-study this dynamic subject and score well in it. It is totally possible with the right mindset and efforts! Keep reading to know-how.

  1. Read the ICAI study material thoroughly

ICAI study material is your best friend when you are doing self-study. It covers all the important elements and you need not refer to other notes by different coaching institutes. Just make sure you read the ICAI material and make notes as you read them. The next point enunciates this further.

  1. Make your own notes 

As you read the ICAI material and refer to other sources, make notes with attention to important concepts and keywords. Having notes which you’ve written yourself will greatly help you as you study for your exams. It not only helps you practice writing but also to retain the concepts in your mind. It’s also great to have your notes while doing last-minute revisions.

  1. Learn with online video lectures

CA Inter EIS-SM online video lectures are convenient while you are self-studying because, one, they are much more economical than offline coaching, and two, you can watch them at any time you like and at a pace you like while you are studying. It makes it convenient to have things your way and not depend on coaching centers for learning. 

Our CA Inter EIS-SM pendrive lectures by CA Amit Tated are ideal for students who want to learn EIS-SM thoroughly but at their convenience. You can watch them a total of 2.5 times and gain all-important explanations of EIS-SM. You can find them here.

  1. Start studying with SM

Most students find this strategy helpful. Strategic Management is comparatively easier and shorter than EIS and you can complete it faster. If getting done with a part quicker helps you gain confidence for studying the remaining, comparatively harder part, then you can study SM first.

On the other hand, if you feel like doing things the other way round, then, by all means, do so.

  1. Study RTPs and attempt Mock Tests

RTPs have the latest amendments and they also cover questions that are most likely to be asked. Studying them is a must while preparing for any CA subject. 

Mock tests help you practice writing and remember concepts well. They aid in gaining confidence for the actual examination attempt. It is a must to attempt at least 3 mock tests.

  1. Maintain a disciplined study-schedule 

When you’re self-studying, it’s easy to get distracted more frequently than usual. It’s totally normal, so accept it and try to do better. It can be difficult in the beginning but keep working at it and it will get easier. 

Though CA Inter EIS-SM is a complex subject, it is interesting. And given you put the right amount of effort in the right manner, it is not hard to score well in it. 

We offer CA Inter EIS-SM pendrive classes which will boost your Inter EIS-SM preparation with accurate and detailed explanations which are also easy to understand. They provide just the right guidance you need to score high marks in the subject. If you’re a CA Inter student, you’ll most definitely benefit from it!

Follow these tips, study hard and keep revising. And we’re sure you’ll score 60+, or even more, in Inter EIS-SM. Best of luck!


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