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Teaching Skill About Amit Tated Sir


A good teacher changes themself with time to keep up with the new generation and the best example is CA Amit Tated. CA Amit Tated is one of the best teachers in India, he has ten years of experience in teaching. Being a good experienced teacher, he knows the easiest way to clear the entrance exam. CA Amit Tated is a fabulous teacher, he can easily attract anyone because his way of talking is very attractive. CA Amit Tated guides the aspirants through the A.T Academy, On his website he gives brief information about all doubts and his opinions like:

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  • Why should I take CA Amit Tated pen drive classes
  • Best CA Final Pen drive classes for upcoming exams
  • Key points to keep in mind when choosing CA Inter Audit Pen drive classes
  • Success mantra to crack CA Final Audit
  • All you need to know about CA Articleship


A.T Academy is a very useful and good platform for CA aspirants, there they are getting all the necessary facilities for the preparation of the entrance exam. A.T Academy has been guiding CA aspirants since 2013 to achieve their goals and success. CA Amit Talda is a very reputable person, He has coached many CA aspirants all over India. He is providing the coaching for the CS CPT, and CA IPCC and he is very dedicated to providing coaching classes to the aspirants for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. A.T Academy trained more than one lakh CA aspirants out of which more than 100+ AIRs. Till now the ratio has been growing year by year, which is a very proud thing for the CA Amit Tated. A.T. Academy provides excellent study material with conceptual clarity. It's very beneficial for CA aspirants to buy CA pendrive classes from CA Amit Tated because CA Inter Audit pendrive classes are very good and unique. A.T Academy is covering the all material and they will ensure that you are ready for your entrance exam.

Teaching skill:

Chartered accountant Amit Tated is known to be the best faculty for Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management (EIS-SM). He better knows how to enhance his instructional style. He is enthusiastic about the subject he teaches, so the students are also interested in studying in his classes as they become motivated by his behavior toward the subject. He maintains a friendly relationship with his students and tries to connect with them through communication so that at least they will never miss the class because of the friendly environment. He uses clear language in his lectures, and he explains complicated topics in a very simplified way. With his knowledge and talent, he is growing day by day. As a professor, he is trying to be the best for his students. The understanding ability of students may differ, so he tries to fit in everyone's comfort zone without disturbing others' needs or theirs. When he feels that the topic is getting boring, he takes a break in the middle of the class, makes some jokes so that the students become energetic again, and then continues the class. He tries to engage his students, and this is how he becomes a good teacher, as he fulfills all the necessities of a student and has all the features of a good teacher.

Study material:

A good study material has all the detailed explanations and information provided in the syllabus of the subjects. Before selecting any study material, we should cross-check whether the syllabus topics are covered by the book or textbook. If any CA aspirant is looking for study material that consists of sample papers, a question bank, important questions, extra questions, and notes that cover all the topics, then they can directly approach CA Amit Tated Notes. His notes are not only easy and interesting, but he also provides these study materials at reasonable prices. He provides books for CA Inter and CA Final. Following are the books by CA Amit Tated that are available at the concerned site:

  • CA Inter EIS SM Audit
  • CA Inter-Law Book+ Bare Act
  • CA Inter Auditing and Assurance Book
  • CA Inter EIS and SM Book
  • CA Inter EIS Color Book, Vols. I, II, and III
  • CA Inter EIS SM and Audit Book
  • CA Inter SM Edition 5
  • CA Inter EIS Question Bank
  • CA Inter-SM Question Bank
  • CA Inter Audit Book + Question Bank
  • CA Inter Audit Question Bank
  • CA Inter Law Book
  • Bare Act 2023

These books are fantastic, and they are the perfect stuff for studying. Time management is the key to success. After purchasing this study material, you have to set a plan for each day to study. It would be better for you to go through the subject once a day. If you want, you can depend only on these books for your preparation. Even for revision, you can refer to these books. His book covers all the concepts in understandable and easy language. It also consists of easy concepts that are not only easy to mug up but also easy for you to understand.


Lecture Overview:

CA Amit Tated is an experienced faculty who is known for his deep knowledge and experience in CA Inter Audit subject. He knows the ins and outs of the subject and gives clear explanations to the students through his lectures which are available on his official website "atacademy.co.in". He provides handwritten notes, recorded lectures, and books to the students at a very affordable and reasonable price. His books and lectures are very much sufficient for the students to clear the competitive examination. Through his lectures, he tries to explain the topics in detail to the students which makes it easier for the students to understand the subject and clear the concepts. AT Academy provides classes for CA INTER, CA FINAL, and CA FOUNDATION. They provide live streaming as well as video lectures which makes it more useful for the students to ask doubts to the faculties. On the other hand, recorded lectures have their benefits if a student is unable to understand something or misses anything he/she can easily go through the video again as many times as they want and can understand the topics very easily.

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